The groups of the historical avantgarde - like Dada, Surrealism, russish Constructivism - intended to attack the institution of art to realise the promise of art. They wanted to be a part of a revolutionairy process that overcomes the specialised roles of "artist" or "political activist". But avantgarde failed. They weren't able to reach that higher level of liberation. But the institution of art was able to re-integrate the gestures of avantgarde and the modern capitalist society was able to integrate the desire for creativity. Avantgarde bacame a part of modernisation.

The art-historian Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen from Copenhagen is researching on the term and the concept of avantgarde. On September 15th 2022 he hold a presentation about "The Self-Murder of Avant Garde" in the ACC Galerie in Weimar. Before the lecture he gave an interview about some aspects of his presentation.

Download (mp3; 63 MB; 27:30 min; September 2022)

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